Delinquent yet again…

19 Jan

I see that my last post was on October 14th when all of the kids were here. I have since had many more moments of bliss as we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013, and simple moments in between.

Since October 14th:
I have been to Detroit
Henry has been to Indiana where he placed 3rd in the National FFA Ag Business competition
Ali has been to Hawaii
Hannah and Ali both finished their first term of nursing school
Scott has performed his first two concerts as director of Kuna’s middle school orchestra
I have completed two leadership programs
Scott and I participated in Kuna’s first annual community choir
We have played music at church
Taken yoga classes
Played a little music
Travelled to Walla Walla twice
Travelled to Denver where Scott judged a fiddle contest at the National Western Stock Show
We have all made new friends, and held on to old friendships
I have started grad school
Scott has started his last push to earn his teaching certificate
Henry has been diagnosed with bipartate patella
Henry is also now a legal driver

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