Two weeks – no grocery store

18 Jul

So far, so good.   I have not missed spending my time walking the aisles of supermarkets.  All of those extras that used to find their way into the cart are gone, and our eating habits are changing because of it.  I am paying more attention to what we are eating because planning ahead is a necessity.   Waste is diminishing – although I did waste a beer this week, but that is another story.

Bread made to go with French onion soup  earlier in the week was starting to go stale, so I made croutons. (The soup was made with Walla Walla Sweets, of course)


A couple weeks ago we met a couple of delightful women at the farmers market.  They are so excited about their product that they don’t have to be pushy to make a sale.  They hand out sample after sample, and I am now a fan.  Next week they are going to bring me a big tub of plain goat cheese to go with my strawberry/balsamic/cracked pepper jam.  YUM!  They also make a killer goat cheese rolled in herbs.

There is also a gal at the market with wonderful baked goods.  Well, they look wonderful.  We haven’t been able to get past the pretzels.  Superb lunch on a Saturday.

If all this isn’t nerdy enough, I grind my coffee with Cowbell Man’s Grandma’s grinder, use yogurt makers from the 70’s, and make my own granola.

Oh, what could I accomplish if I didn’t have to go to the Tall Building on a full time basis?


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2 responses to “Two weeks – no grocery store

  1. Danita

    September 19, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Let me just say that you accomplish a hell of a lot more than me and I’m not going to a tall building!!!

  2. Danita

    September 19, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I want your homemade granola recipe…


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