13 Jul

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We had a lovely trip to Walla Walla last weekend!  The pictures are from the past two weekends.

We were home for about an hour, and then got to spend time with my cousin and her family.  I wish we would have had more time!

I’ve been going to my Tall Building this week, and will continue through the week.

We are providing all the music for church on Sunday, so have been working on that.

My latest crazy challenge to myself is to see how long I can go without going to the grocery store.  So far, it has been 9 days.  The only thing we have had to buy is dog food (I don’t count that as groceries), but now I think I have found a way to get dog food as well!  I’m getting a lot of my staples from .  Spices – no problem –  – GREAT stuff.   It is also amazing what you can get at and !  I will go to farmers markets and fruit stand type stores, but no Winco, Albertson’s, Paul’s, Costco, Fred Meyer, Wal Mart….  It really is kind of fun.  I have to plan ahead, and it is impacting what we eat.  Right now we have no tortilla chips (a staple for evening TV watching), so we have had to make popcorn.  A bit more effort, but it is a fun challenge.  I haven’t even tapped into the Schwann man yet!

The other issue we have is beer.  Anyone know of a mail-order beer supplier.  Either that or we are just going to have to bite the bullet and make our own.

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