14 May

Yesterday we painted ALL day.

Here are some pictures from today’s activities.  We quit at about 4:30 today.  Just pooped.

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Scott finished painting the walls of the garage while I was running my half marathon this morning.  We still have the trim, and some touch up to do.

The half marathon was interesting.  I left home at 6am to catch a shuttle.  The car was parked at BSU, and the race started up at Lucky Peak.  So, I sat there in the cold for 1.5 hours waiting for the race to start.  There were about 300 marathoners who started at 8, and 1500 half marathoners who started at 8:30.  The chips to record our time didn’t have a start when we crossed the starting line – they started at the gun.  So, I started my watch when I crossed the starting line.  I think I was in the back/middle of the pack, so it took quite awhile to get to the start.  Then, with 1500 people funneling onto a narrow bike path, the first two miles took 28 minutes!  Over-all, my time was 2:16 which is slightly disappointing, however, if you take out the first two miles (and those 28 minutes), I ran the final 11 miles at a 9:30 pace.  I’m OK with that.  I was thinking a lot about James Schlender and his family as I was running, and saying prayers for them all.  He is a wonderful young man who had to have heart surgery on the 10th, and suffered a stroke during the surgery.  We know James through fiddle.

Fence building followed Scott’s painting, and my well earned shower.

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