I love the smell of our Christmas Tree!

30 Dec

I always suggest to the kids that we should get a fake tree.   Pointing out the positive aspects of less mess, no recurring bill, and ease of set-up and tear down, I tease them.  I would never get a fake tree.  Nothing can replace the smell of a real tree.  It is dry and dead, but it sure does smell good.

All three of my kids are driving between here and Washington today.  Henry coming this way with Dale, and the girls going to Walla Walla with Austin (Ali’s boyfriend).  So, while I was working on pediatric competencies for the rehab unit, and figuring out how to audit charts in the new EHR (Electronic Health Record), I was watching which showed pictures of ever worsening road conditions.  Currently, the girls are on the top of Cabbage Hill driving on packed snow and ice.  I will be glad when they are safely at Oma and Opa’s.

For some reason, I feel I can’t post on my blog unless I have a photo to go with it.   Today I am testing uncharted territory – a post with no photo (gasp!).    One of my goals is to post more often.  I rarely have an audience here on my blog.  Thirty-something hits is my all-time high, and that way on one of our first days in Germany.  I’m lucky if 2-4 people go to my blog page on any given day.  However,  my purpose is not to attract the masses, but to keep in touch with those closest to me – my family.  I am not an elegant writer, but if this blog helps me to be connected to even one of my 160+ family members, I’ll keep posting!  And if my kids get a kick out of it – even better 🙂

Substantial highlight of my day….  A deep conversation with my husband between my work day and his.  Substantial lowlight of my day….  leaving for work knowing my kids were not going to be home when I returned from work.

Inconsequential highlight….  Samuel Adams Holiday Porter.    Inconsequential lowlight….   laundry and bills.

Tomorrow morning I get to break my fast at the Sunrise Cafe with three of my favorite people – Scott, Danita and Bob 🙂  Friday, it is road trip with Scott as we trek to WW to spend New Year’s Eve with more of my favorite people 🙂

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One response to “I love the smell of our Christmas Tree!

  1. Carolyn

    December 30, 2010 at 4:44 am

    Real trees DO smell wonderful. However, I’m getting closer every year to buying a fake tree. I’ll hang those tree shaped evergreen smelling car fresheners all over it!

    Hannah, Ali & Austin got here just fine over those bad roads. It took them about 5 1/2 hours.


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