30 Oct

My last post was titled “Where did September go”.  Obviously, we are now in the final two days of October.  Where did October go?

I’m going to do my best to condense the entire month into this one little post.

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September ended with the destruction of our bathroom.  My goal was to have it done by the time our exchange student was to arrive on October 7th.  I started the process in August, and still it was not accomplished.  Poor Sabrina (and the rest of us) had no shower until the 18th of October.  Thankfully, we could use the bath.

Hannah is in Walla Walla enjoying classes, family, jazz band, a new job doing books for the plumbing company Uncle Sam works for, and shopping for a car that will take her all the way to Kuna.

Ali had a month full of soccer and showing Sabrina how an American high school student lives.  Her soccer team won 2nd in the district, and then a disappointing 6th in the state tournament.  While she wasn’t happy with the outcome, the experience was great.  Highlights of the month….  soccer, homecoming, Sabrina, bon fires, shopping, college shopping….

Henry finished up his soccer season as well, and had a great time playing on the JV team this year.  Often he spends his Saturday mornings reffing little kids games at the grade school down the street.  He went hunting twice this month with no results but frozen feet.

Scott continues to study and practice ALL the time.  If he isn’t teaching, he is studying.  If he isn’t studying, he is practicing.  If he isn’t practicing, he is sleeping.  He is working very hard, and is looking forward to the end of the semester.  Yesterday he rented a tux for his orchestra concert tomorrow evening.  Of course, he takes a break to watch BSU football, and enjoys listening to SportsTalk radio during his commutes.

I have been keeping the house running.  It was a joy to have Sabrina here from Koln, DE for three weeks.   I don’t think I can recount everything I’ve done during the last month.  Work has been consuming as St. Alphonsus has been converting to a paperless EHR (Electronic Health Record) system.  Long hours, lots of meetings, chaos, stress…  It has been an amazing process to witness and be a part of.  I am proud of St. Alphonsus, and work with and for some remarkable people.

Today is a recovery and catch up day after a wild, activity filled week and month.   I slept 11 hours last night, and plan on cleaning the house, spending time with my family, catching up on my Bible study, watching TV, cooking, sewing, paying bills….

Life is good 🙂  I still think of Beth every day.

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