More Germany :-)

13 Aug

This is how I made our coffee on the mornings we didn’t go to the bakery for strudel.

Stopping here was exciting for Henry and Ali especially.  They love their soccer!

These photos are from the RAINY day we spent in Munich.   When Rick Steves says not to drive into Munich, we should have listened.  We did find parking, but it was for only 2 hours.  Scott and I went to move the car while the kids went to the market.  We had to walk what felt like miles.  The highlight was the kebab sandwich we bought merely because we wanted to use the WC and Scott was desperate.  After a long rainy walk back to the car, we were stuck in Munich traffic for a LONG time.  TAKE THE S-BAHN!!

The bathrooms over there were so clean!  This was at a rest stop on the autobahn.  At one rest stop, the toilet seat spun around a disinfectant spray at each flush. 

St. Jakob’s Lutheran Church in Rothenberg ob der Tauber.  Our refuge from the rain!

Scott and the very old doorway on the wall around Rothenberg.


A band from Virginia was to perform.  At the beginning of their first song, it was raining a bit.  By the end of the song it was a downpour.  They finished the song, and then screamed/squealed and ran for cover.

I tried to capture the rain, but cameras just don’t do it justice.  We stood in a covered alley with the band, and many other people.

This is for Sara 🙂

Lindau 🙂  We spent part of a day at the island city of Lindau.  Beautiful!

That is Austria in the background, and Switzerland is to the right across the water.

Lutheran church in Lindau.  I thought the seats were interesting.

I think this spot is Birnau.  I stopped here with Mom and Sara 10 years ago and have some similar pictures.  There is a gorgeous cathedral at this spot.

The ONLY picture of all 5 of us in Germany!  A bicyclist offered to take our picture, and we in turn took a picture of him with his bike.  Bavaria would be a bicyclist’s heaven!  Beautiful landscape, amazing trails, coolish weather

The bottom of the”highest waterfall in Germany”.  This is at Triberg in the black forrest.  We didn’t hike to the top.

Hannah attacking the autobahn 🙂

Hannah in her Drindle 🙂  She HAD to have one.

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