Germany (from the US)

06 Aug

Because internet access in Germany didn’t work out as I had planned, I will be doing this retrospectively.  Please forgive me if I repeat pictures or information.



Lake at Hohenschewangau


Neuschwanstein from Hohenschwangau

View from Neuschwanstein

Henry the Brave

When Henry was 4, I bought him a sword at Hohenschwangau.  He carried that sword until it finally fell apart (he also used the sword).  We bought one for nephew J this time, and Henry carried it.  A little mouse was digging in the gutter, so Henry posed with it.  The mouse didn’t seem to mind.

A little wet

When Rick Steves says to carry an umbrella at all times in Bavaria, he is not kidding!!!  It rained 12 out of the 14 days we were in Germany.  We got thoroughly drenched on our hike up to the castle.


Boise State fans are everywhere!

How cool is that?!


After the castles and Fussen, we still had some time, so drove to Kempten.  While we were relaxing with some pizza and beer at about 7:30 pm, all the shops were closing down.   Unfortunately this included the store our car was parked under in a garage.  What a sinking feeling when we walked around the corner to find the parking garage totally locked up with our car inside!  With the help of some very unfriendly Germans, we used a pay phone and called the “Tag oder nacht” numbers from the garage door.  With my horrible German, and the man’s non-existent English, we communicated that he would come in about 15 minutes.

He did (and was very kind) and unlocked the garage.  Our parking fee for the evening – about $50!  Cheaper than a room.

Things Rick Steves didn’t tell us – –

1) 7pm is the witching hour in Germany.  Everything closes – including some parking garages.

2) Most people in Bavaria DO NOT speak English very well.  Thank goodness for my 2 years of high school German.. It was really more of a “Germlish”…   “Mein Auto ist unter das Kaufmart.  Ich spreche Deutch nur ein bischen.  Konnen sie halfen, bitte?” …….  “Ja.  Unter Kaufmart.”  ……    “Oh, danke, danke, danke!!”

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