Surreal experience

22 Jul

Scott is playing jazz tunes (mostly) in a Turkish eatery with a Turkish/German pianist who knows very little English, but about every jazz tune known to Scott.  The patrons are loving it, and are planning on coming back tomorrow when the owner will bring back his “good” violin for Scott to play.  The patrons are buying him beer, and everyone is having a good time.  The kids and I are sitting in a booth listening while the owner feeds us his wonderful food.

The kids and I decided it was over the top when Scott told Tony (piano player) that we were from Idaho, and Tony started playing the state song of Idaho.

Scott and the piano player can’t communicate with words, but their music is wonderful 🙂

Totally surreal, and totally Scott.  He is gone for 10 minutes on his own, and provides us all with an evening will will not soon forget 🙂

On another note….  I just talked to the cleaning lady of the house we are renting on Saturday.  It took me 2 wrong numbers, and a lot of really terrible German, but we did communicate.  I first had to leave her a message I’m sure she will play for her friends and laugh heartily.  My grammar has got to be just hilarious.

Will post pictures of the jam tomorrow.  How many experiences can one fit into a single day??!!

Rick Steves would be proud.

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One response to “Surreal experience

  1. Monique

    July 22, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    I love it!


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