Days 3-4

22 Jul

Day 3 was mostly spent on planes.  We are still fresh, and in the states here.

Hannah in the 747

We left SF, hurried through Heathrow, and arrived in Munich at about 4pm (Munich zeit).  We found our car ( everything here is an adventure – even renting a car), and hit the autobahn.  We arrived in Dachau and needed food, so stopped at a street-side Pannini shop.  We had walked awhile, and it seemed the best option.  The owner was very kind and hospitable.  Seeing that we were very travel-weary, she helped us secure a hotel room.

This is our rented Mercedes (I would like to bring it home), and the sign to our hotel.  We made it in just before the thunderstorm hit.

DAY 4  Dachau and Munich

We started the day by touring the Concentration Camp at Dachau.  It is a powerful experience.  We were glad we arrived at opening time.  I think every teen-ager in the greater Munich area was required to tour the camp today!

The crematorium.

The “shower” room.  When I was here in 2000, the sign called it a shower room.  The signs have changed from what I remember, and now tell what all the vents are for, and what the process was.   The crematorium is just on the other side of the gas chamber.  When the camp was liberated by US soldiers, they (Americans) made the townspeople of Dachau come and clean up all the bodies.

Brat and kartoffelsalad in Munich 🙂

Scott with his large bier in Munich 🙂

On our way out of Munich we went to Nymphenburg castle.

We are now in a hotel outside Munich.  We are directly across the street from the train station, so will catch that in to Munich tomorrow to go to the open-air market for Hannah’s birthday – her choice.

Scott went for a walk a bit ago.  He came back to the room very excited.  He had met a man from Istanbul who had a violin, so Scott played him a couple tunes, and now has a friend.  No common language – no problem.  Fiddle works.

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