Day Two – Adventure supplied by GMC

20 Jul

After strong coffee, we started the day at Stanford where we admired the disturbing Rodin sculptures and the beautiful church.

Just outside the church at Stanford University.

In n Out was the stop of choice for lunch.  True fast food.  We were served very quickly in spite of the large crowd – and it was good.

Big Basin was our next destination.  After a perilous drive, we had a a relaxing stroll through the woods, and admired the awe-inspiring giant redwoods.  This tree has been damaged by fire, and is actually a completely hollowed out chimney.

Henry was so happy to find the “Father of the Forrest” whom he dubbed ‘Daddy’.  He entertained us all by trying to play catch with ‘Daddy’.  He threw, but never did get to catch.

We made it to Santa Cruz where the Suburban started making a HORRIBLE noise.  We parked, and decided to go enjoy the beach and pier while it cooled off.

On the pier at Santa Cruz where caramel apples, and the ocean were enjoyed.

We were advised to wait a bit before trying to drive the Suburban (which sounded like a jet taking off) on the narrow, busy highway.  Killing time at Marianni’s Ice Cream Shop was not so bad – YUM!!

As Scott and I were walking to again check under the hood, we passed a questionable looking character wearing a mechanic’s shirt.  Scott, being a man who knows no stranger, struck up a conversation and asked for help.  The kind man, who had lost his job that morning, immediately diagnosed our problem, and assured us that it would probably get us home – which we did.

What I learned today:

A 25 mile trip can actually feel like 100 if it is on windy mountain roads

One can recover from a hairy drive very quickly when giant redwoods are present

We can have a great time even when the Suburban sounds like it could strand us at any moment

God sends just what you need when you need it – for example, a mechanic walking on a back street just feet from our limping vehicle

My family and friends are very, very precious

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One response to “Day Two – Adventure supplied by GMC

  1. cynthia

    July 21, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Beautiful, just beautiful!


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